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Properties listed in Trois-Rivières

Are you looking for a rental space in Trois-Rivières or nearby to set up your business? With Groupe immobilier Bel-Rive, you’ve come to the right place!

As the owner of several rental offices, commercial, and industrial spaces in the greater Trois-Rivières area, Groupe immobilier Bel-Rive is the go-to reference to find what you need, according to your requirements. With a constantly expanding real estate portfolio, our high-quality spaces will ensure an optimal environment for the development of your business.

Present throughout the province, Groupe immobilier Bel-Rive is a true leader in the field for over 30 years now. Contact us today to learn about all our rental spaces in Trois-Rivières.

883, boul. des Forges
3125-3275, boul. des Récollets
3105, boul. des Récollets
4085, boul. des Récollets
4075, boul. des Récollets
842-848, boul. Thibeau
806-824, boul. Thibeau
834-840, boul. Thibeau
695-701, boul. Thibeau
8420-8572, boul. Industriel

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